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  This site is of interest to men paying either excessive or unjustified support to an ex-wife. It can

be argued that, in a day when women always demand "equal rights", why shouldn't women also take equal responsibility to support themselves, pay their own way, provide their own self-sufficiency.




The cases which seem to offend men most are those in which they have worked hard (18-hours/day) to build a business or career, while their ex-wife did everything possible to damage the business...... then walked out of the marriage, claiming at least 50% of what the man built (despite her efforts to undermine the enterprise, or spend, spend, spend, any profit he worked to generate).


The double-standard can be disturbing --- demanding equal rights, but then still expecting their ex-husband to pay the bills,  to handle the expenses, pay the mortgage and  fund the entertainment (and sometimes a lavish lifestyle).


Please leave us a detailed outline of  the concerns about which you wish assistance, together with your clearly Spelled e-mail address (phonetically preferably), since our replies are provided by e-mail .  The greater the detail in your voicemail message, the more we can assist.  There is a lengthy recording time for your information and questions.  416-240-0258.


Looking forward to assisting with your case.